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Buy (Price) Buy (Volume) Sell (Price) Sell (Volume) 52 High 52 Low
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  • Market: DFM
  • ISIN:
  • Sector: Invest. & Fin. Services





The National Investor

Investors Committee

The National Investor


Duetsche Securities and Services

Investment Policy Strategy

Aims to achieve long-term growth of capital through investing in equity securities (such as common stock) publicly traded primarily in the UAE, and to a lesser extent in other GCC member countries, that offer in the opinion of the Fund Manager, a potential for steady capital growth.

Dividends Policy

Dividends or other distributions from the Fund (if any) will be paid to Investors at the discretion of the Fund Manager. It is however the intention of the Fund Manager to reinvest income realized by the Fund which will be reflected in the NAV per Unit. Dividends shall be paid in AED for Class A Units and shall be paid in USD for Class B Units (following conversion from AED using the Conversion Method on the day of payment). The conversion costs incurred in converting the subscription amounts for the Class B Units from USD to AED and conversion of the dividend payment back into USD, shall be the responsibility of the Investor.

Managing Company and its Fees

The National Investor 1.5% manegment fee

Fund Structure

Open-ended investment trust

Fund Administrator

Deutsche Bank AG, Dubai (DIFC)

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Fund performance as of June 13, 2019

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Annual Financial report 2009

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  • Ownership percentage is subject to change based on several reasons including the following:
    1. Trading activity.
    2. Off-Market Transactions such as family and inheritance transfers.
    3. Changes in the nationality status of investors.
    4. Securities deposits and withdrawals to and from DFM for Dual listed companies.
    5. Capital increase by issuing new shares to a strategic investor.
    6. Converting Bonds into shares.
    7. Equity added to the equity of the associated group.
    8. Direct Deals.


Percentages are updated daily after 4 pm
The above published Ownership Percentages:
  • Are updated daily at the end of every trading day based on date of trade and not settlement date.

  • The ownership percentages are rounded off to 2 decimal places

  • Ownership percentages are subject to change due to the following:

    1. Trading activities.

    2. Off-Market Transactions such as family and inheritance transfers.

    3. Changes in the nationality status of investors.

    4. Securities deposits and withdrawals to and from DFM for Dual listed companies.

    5. Capital increases, by issuing new shares to Strategic investor

    6. Converting bonds or Sukuk into shares.

    7. Changes of associated group’s ownership.

    8. Direct Deals. (The ownership percentage is changed immediately after the execution of the deal).

    9. Failed trade settlement.


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