Sukuk & Bonds

Access international capital markets in the form of conventional bonds or tap into the world’s largest centre for Sukuk listings.
Understanding Sukuk & Bonds

A bond is a debt security through which you lend money to a borrower, which could be a corporation, municipality or government, for a specified amount of time at an agreed-upon interest rate. It can be thought of as an “I-owe-you.” Once the bond reaches maturity, the issuer must repay the principal.

Similarly, a Sukuk is an Islamic or Sharia-compliant bond.

We offer a variety of conventional bonds including Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) and Medium-term Notes (MTNs).

Benefits of Sukuk and Bonds for Investors

Bonds are a popular option for many personal and institutional investment portfolios, offering a number of advantages that include:

Relatively Low Risk

Lower risk than stocks, as fixed assets are less sensitive to macroeconomic shifts. You are also guaranteed repayment of the principal, and in cases of bankruptcy, debt holders are paid ahead of shareholders.

Income Generation

They provide a predictable fixed income stream at regular intervals through coupon payments.


Bonds typically have an inverse relationship with stocks, which can help create a balanced portfolio and offset exposure to volatile stock holdings and cyclical asset classes.

Capital Preservation

If held to maturity, you get back the entire principal, which helps preserve capital while investing.

Higher Returns

The yield can be particularly attractive during periods of declining or low interest rates.

Trade Sukuk and Bonds 3 Easy Steps

We make trading Sukuk and Bonds easy for you. No matter your nationality or which country you are based in, you can apply to trade both DFM and Nasdaq Dubai listed securities as an individual or institution in a few simple steps.

Apply for a DFM Investor Number (NIN)

There are 3 ways you can obtain an NIN: through our DFM mobile app, by visiting the Dubai CSD Investor Affairs desk at the DFM trading floor, or through a DFM licensed brokerage. Get the DFM App

Appoint a Broker

Select and appoint a licensed broker to carry out your buying and selling transactions.
You may first want to contact the brokers, as each one offers different products and services.
View Licensed Brokers

Start Trading

Once you appoint a broker, you can start trading through the options they provide.
View and track your portfolio on the DFM app or through DFM eServices.