REITs - Real Estate Investment Trusts

Enjoy the perks of adding real estate exposure to your portfolio through our publicly-traded REITs. We offer the world’s largest publicly-listed, Sharia’a-Compliant REIT.
Understanding REITs

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are funds that make long-term investments in real estate through ownership, operation (leasing), or by purchasing mortgages or loans used to finance the. They provide investors with reliable dividends and appreciation in share price.

REITs offers greater diversification for you to efficiently access rental income streams from real estate assets without buying or spending large amounts of capital on them.

We offer the world’s largest publicly-listed, Sharia’a-Compliant REIT by both total assets and market capitalisation.

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Listed On Jan 18, 2021

Benefits of REITs for personal investors

Owning real estate is one of the earliest forms of investment, but can come with high costs and risks. REITs offer the benefits of adding real estate exposure to your portfolio with minimal downside.


Easily buy or sell for tactical asset allocation and simple portfolio rebalancing.

Steady Long-Term Growth

Get competitive and stable long-term returns through modest appreciation in share price over time.

High Dividend Yield

Regular income from rentals provide steady dividends and reduced revenue volatility.


An attractive alternative to tangible asset investments, providing portfolio diversity and higher risk-adjusted returns.


Rental prices and property valuations tend to increase with inflation, supporting dividend growth and providing reliable income during inflationary periods.

Benefits of REITs for institutional investors

Real estate is often a part of a diverse portfolio for large investment companies. But there are many challenges to owning single properties. REITs can change that formula.

Raise Capital

Raise capital for future expansion without selling a stake of the holding company.


Leverage real estate assets by creating a REIT and raising capital through the partial sale of the REIT.


Enhance corporate governance and disclosure standards that align with shareholder interests and audited financial reports.


Raise additional capital to purchase more real estate assets by selling part of the units to new investments (Private REITs) or to the public (Public REITs).

Reduce Risk

Provide opportunities for other investors to participate in the ownership of the real estate assets.

Trade In 3 Easy Steps

Trade REITS on DFM similar to any listed security by placing the selling or buying orders through the broker.

Apply for a DFM Investor Number (NIN)

There are 3 ways you can obtain an NIN: through our DFM mobile app, by visiting the Dubai CSD Investor Affairs desk at the DFM trading floor, or through a DFM licensed brokerage. Get the DFM App

Appoint a Broker

Select and appoint a licensed broker to carry out your buying and selling transactions.
You may first want to contact the brokers, as each one offers different products and services.
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Start Trading

Once you appoint a broker, you can start trading through the options they provide.
View and track your portfolio on the DFM app or through DFM eServices.