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We will introduce you to three essential derivative products: single stock futures, index futures and crude oil futures.

Index Futures

Trade on the future value of a market index. These contracts represent the performance of a basket of stocks comprising the index.

Single Stock Futures

Take a position on the future price movements of a particular stock without owning the shares outright.

Oil Futures

Buy or sell in the future price movements of oil without owning the physical barrels.

Key Benefits of Futures

Equity Futures are a great option for hedging and managing risk, and they provide a number of advantages over stocks and other investment vehicles.

Higher Leverage, Higher Profit Potential

Your initial payment is only a fraction of the contract value, enabling you to control a large value with a small amount of capital. This leverage can result in higher profits and greater capital efficiency.

Low Cost To Pay

With initial margins as low as 4% of the traded contract, you can get started with a smaller upfront investment. Fees for futures trading are also lower than fees for trading equities.

Profits When Prices Rise OR Fall

You can profit from an asset that is declining in price by selling in advance and buying back later. Likewise, you can profit from an increasing price by buying now and selling later.

Minimized Risk

Protect yourself against the risk of losses due to unfavorable price movements in the market. By locking in a guaranteed price for buying or selling in the future, you remove uncertainty and reduce the likelihood of losses.

Highly Standardised

Because all futures transactions run through a regulated exchange, there is no risk of counterparty default. Each contract contains a specific quantity and expiration date, eliminating future price uncertainty.

Fast, Flexible Entry and Exit

Futures are highly transparent and liquid, which means you can more flexibly enter and exit the market at a reasonable price, no matter which asset class you are trading.

Start trading derivatives in 3 steps

We make trading derivatives easy for you. No matter your nationality or which country you are based in, you can apply to trade both DFM and Nasdaq Dubai listed securities as an individual or institution in a few simple steps.

Apply for a DFM Investor Number (NIN)

There are 3 ways you can obtain an NIN: through our DFM mobile app, by visiting the Dubai CSD Investor Affairs desk at the DFM trading floor, or through a DFM licensed brokerage. Get the DFM App

Appoint a Broker

Select and appoint a licensed broker to carry out your buying and selling transactions.
You may first want to contact the brokers, as each one offers different products and services.
View Licensed Brokers

Start Trading

Once you appoint a broker, you can start trading through the options they provide.
View and track your portfolio on the DFM app or through DFM eServices.
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Get to know the products and contact our team to guide you through the process. Get started


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